2013 Black Card Showcase: Top Ten Standouts


Lancaster, PA- The Black Card Showcase proved a huge success today as the talent level among the 2015 and 2016 invitees instantly caught the attention of over 60 top tier recruiters. Recognized as the most premier recruiting event in the country, its no wonder colleges such as Denver, Cornell, and Duke were treading the sidelines to catch a first-hand look. Despite the overwhelming pressure of performing in front of what most high school players refer to as their “dream college” coaches, there were ten players who truly showcased their eminent skill and knack for the game.

    1. Dalton Follows- (Attack, 2016, Edge) Follows was automatic today, finishing almost everything that was thrown to him. A crafty Canadian, this young man knows how to stick it.

    2. Garret Bullet (2015, Long Pole Midfield, WCS) Bullett was physical, “in your face”, and pestering opponents all day long. An undersized long pole midfielder, Bullet is relentless.

    3. Beau Botkiss- (2016, Long Pole Midfield, WCS) Botkiss is a lefty, physical, and instinctive. Both offensively and defensively, Botkiss brought a confrontational mentality to his opponent.

    4. Jarret Jones (2016, Defense, WCS) Arguably the best close defenseman of the day, Jones is tough to beat 1 v 1. His defensive stance and quick movement kept his attackers frustrated.

    5.  Reilly Walsh- (2015, Attack, LI Express) Walsh was a scoring machine all day. He showed tremendous shooting ability and a knack for getting open on the field.

    6.  Michael Vailas- (2015, Long Pole Midfield, NH Tomahawks) The epitome of a “do-it to-it” long pole midfielder, Vailas may have been the best player on the field today. Vailas tenacity on the field stood out among the rest.

    7. Jax Monnin- (2015, Midfield, Team Carolina) Jax is athletic and slick. Finding the openings in transition, he is a strong two-way midfielder.

    8.  Brent Noseworthy- (2015, FOGO, Edge) Noseworthy put his team at an advantage with his ability to win the ball on the draw. He was a physical presence that showed dominance throughout the day.

    9.  Phillip Goss- (2016, Goalie, Laxachussetts) Amongst an array of solid goal keeping, Goss seemed to show better than the rest. His athleticism in conjunction with his ability to read situations led him to solid stats on the day. 

   10.  Matthew Schwartz- (2016, Defense, Philly Elite) Schwartz showed great feet when keeping his attacker away from the cage. With his focus and good body positioning, Schwartz played solid team defense all afternoon.

The geographical breakdown of these players is astounding, with seven out of ten of them traveling from different regional club teams all over the country. This statistic further emphasizes the increased level of talent that is developing outside of the traditional east coast “hotbeds", and recruiters are becoming more attuned to the growing player pool.


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