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             Adrenaline Athlete Erik Krum plays for Team Maverik United in the LXM Pro Tour. He currently leads all Maverik Attackmen in goals averaging nearly 4 goals so far this year. Krum is a true "catch anything and bury the rock" crease attackmen. He attended Salisbury where he was a first team All-American and a THREE time National Champion. Krum lives in Manhattan beach California where he trains for LXM and coaches the Lazers lacrosse club team. He is truly All Fight No Flight and someone you certainly want on your side when you find yourself with your back against the wall. 

A note from the VP of Branding and Design on the Essentials category:

           I was recently asked where and how we came up with the concept for the Adrenaline Essentials. Let me be the first to tell you, this is not some new idea that we came up with in the barn. I am constantly on music, fashion, and lifestlye blogs and most of them have a form of Essentials if not literally an Essentials portion. Go Google blog and Essentials and you’ll see what I mean. The blog that does it the best, in my opinion, is Was Hypebeast the first to do it?  Of course not, they just do it better than anyone else. Hypebeast highlights influencers of diverse backgrounds and the variety of things each subject finds “essential” is always really interesting to me.   We all subconsciously have this list of things we find essential and there is no better way to get insight on someone than seeing what’s in their travel bag. I figured, the Adrenaline athletes travel more than most people, so let’s dig in and take a look. Xander Ritz and Eric Krum are two guys I know pretty well, obviously, but I still learned a little about each of them.  

           Take some time to consider what’s essential to you. It’s a pretty fun exercise and makes you think about what matters and what doesn’t. Share with us, we like to see what you athletes value out there!

           Max Ritz and Peter Baum are next up to have their bags raided, stay tuned. Tell us who else’s bag we should take a peak in! 


Here are Krums Essential items featured above:

1. Adrenaline Corpo 2 Snap Back Hat

            EK: Adrenaline provides my need for a good hat whether I’m training in it or wearing it casually.

2. Adrenaline Duffle Bag

            EK: Great for carrying my gym clothes and sports wear.

3. Gatorade

            EK: Pre and post workout supplements. Great for energy and keeping good nutrition after hard workouts.

4. Strengh Gripper

            EK: Even in the airplane or car I’m always getting my edge on my opponent.

5. Adrenaline Reebok Shoes

            EK: Versatile, lightweight and comfortable. Everything I look for in a running shoe.

6. Fish Oil and B-Complex Supplements

            EK: Great for keeping my heart happy and healthy.

7. Beats Head Phones

            EK: Not for active use or in a gym, usually only wear them on the plane or while relaxing.

8. iphone

            EK: Not too much of an email guy but I am getting better. Gotta shout out to ‘lil Boosie for getting me pumped pre-game.

9. Cascade R Maverik United Helmet

            EK: Keeps me safe on the crease. Love the matte grey finish.

10. SKLZ Foam Roller

            EK: This is a huge part of my daily regimen. This is a must for warm ups and recovery after hard lifts of games.

11. Maverik Metrik Head

            EK: Their newest head and my current weapon of choice. Durable and accurate.

12. Maverik Rome Gloves

            EK: Being a crease attackman my hands are everything. The rome gloves protect me and let me move without restriction.

13. Adrenaline State Tee

            EK: Cali Adrenaline shirt. Gotta rep the west coast and my state!

14. Adrenaline Tropics Tee

            EK: #TropsNation…Enough said.

15. Vendetta Performance Tee

            EK: This new shirt is hands down the best workout material and design for sports wear.

16. Adrenaline Socks

            EK: Always have a huge variety to work with. These are some of my favorites

17. Knockaround glasses

            EK: Protection from the sun is key while relaxing or coaching.

18. Jordan Shoes

            EK: Casual shoes for when I’m not working out

19. Vendetta Shorts

            EK: No doubt in my mind these are the best performance shorts on the market. Restriction free and great material.

20. Vendetta Tank Top

            EK: Great for training outside and wearing under my pads.

21. Last but not least…

            EK: my secret Swiss Army all natural macgyver kit-lifesaver.

22. Skateboard

            EK: “The Creature” I grew up skate boarding my whole life. My dream was to be a pro skater.

23. Lazer Dog Tags

            EK: My 8th grade lazers won the tourney in Del Mar. Reminds me that at the end of the day I want to pass this great sport on to other young players.

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