Adrenaline Essentials feat. Geoff Worley

By: Geoff Worley

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Shooting my Adrenaline Essentials was a great experience. I've loved this concept from day one and it's been really cool to see all of the other Adrenaline Athlete's essentials over the last few months. It's so interesting to think that a grouping of apparel, trinkets, toys, etc. are 100% unique to that person. The Essentials concept has been used time and time again by a wide variety of brands across several industries, yet similar to a fingerprint, they are all different in some way. Not only are the products different but the layout, background and setting are all distinctive as well. When we shot mine I knew I couldn't have the overly neat, right-angled, organized layout that has become the staple. Despite my best efforts, organization isn’t my strongest suit and having a tidy layout wouldn’t exactly be a true representation of who I am.

The shot was taken in my back yard in San Diego with a collection of my favorite things. I really like how we were able to add some dimension to this shot and shoot it straight on instead of the traditional birds-eye view. I think it ended up coming out looking pretty rad. Huge shout to the Adrenaline Art crew! Check out the full list of my Essentials below:

geoff worley, essentials, adrenaline, adrln, lacrosse, lax, lax gear, lacrosse gear, gear, apparel, sticks, heads, shafts, adrenaline athlete, essentials, lxm pro, lxm, lax, swag, san diego

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  1. Surfboard: We’ve had a nice stretch of good waves here in San Diego. Outside of lacrosse I’d say I spend most of my free time either on the golf course or in the water. In lacrosse terms, this board would be considered my “gamer”.
  2. Adrenaline Strife Shooter Shirt: I’ve been with Adrenaline for a long time and this shirt is head and shoulders above any shooter we’ve made. Very comfortable and effective. Love the two-tone color way and small branding hit on the chest.
  3. Fish shaped chimenea: We grabbed this thing on our last surf trip to Baja. My buddies and I all got a kick out of the fish shape.
  4. Adrenaline Camo West Hat: This has been my go-to for a while now. Growing up in Coronado you gain a very strong sense of patriotism and respect for the military. The camo brim kinda does it for me.
  5. Heart And Sole Socks: These socks are pretty special to me. As the Awareness Director I’ve gotten pretty close to several of our charity partners. The proceeds of this sock in particular are donated to the Rady Children’s Hospital heart department.
  6. River Creek Mesh Shorts: We just came out with these and I already have about 5 pairs. Don’t tell my boss…I can’t get enough of them. Literally the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever worn.
  7. Mamba Socks: These are our most subtle socks and have become a staple of my wardrobe. I generally wear sandals but when I do wear socks, these ones get a lot of play.
  8. Iphone Ear Buds: I have beats as well but ironically I end up using these way more. So functional and easy to use for calls, music, movies, etc.
  9. Knockaround Sunglasses: Love this company and their products.
  10. Adrenaline Regalia T shirt: One of my favorites from the new line for sure. Not a design you’re likely to see from any other lacrosse company. Great material and great fit…super soft.
  11. Purple Nike’s: Pretty classic shoe. Purple is my favorite color and I like these ones a lot.
  12. Adrenaline Epitome Hat: I like all of our new hats but this one seems to make its way onto my head more than the others. Cool embroidery… Snapbacks are pretty money.
  13. Adrenaline Paragon Sweatshirt: Probably my favorite sweatshirt from our new line. The white branding hits pop well on the blue and this thing is ridiculously comfortable.
  14. LXM PRO Cascade R: The R is by far my favorite helmet. Cascade has been on point since day one.
  15. Levi 511’s: I love my Levis. I own several pairs but these ones are actually corduroy which I really like. They are a little more comfortable than the denim.
  16. Adrenaline Data Socks: I generally wear the Datas for long days on the field coaching or for when I’m playing/training. These seem to be a little thinner and breath better. The only high performance sock that I train in.
  17.  Adrenaline Vendetta Shorts: The best performance shorts we’ve ever created. It’s not even close. It’s taken time but these shorts were worth the wait.
  18. Flannel: Tough to live in San Diego without some good flannel options. The green and black combo reminds me of UVM.
  19. Cooler: Pretty self-explanatory here…keeps things cool. This thing is great for trips to Baja or when we take the boat out to some secret surf spots off of PL.
  20. RipCurl Flash Bomb Wetsuit: Best and warmest suit I’ve ever worn. Thanks to my buddy at RipCurl for the hook-up!
  21. STX Stallion and Surgeon Sci-Ti: I like this combo a lot. STX makes incredible equipment.
  22. STX Stallion HD gloves: These fit a little bit tighter than most gloves, which I really like. They have great feel and the protection is on point too. 

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