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Adrenaline Fall Schedule (Click HERE to view full image)

Adrenaline Lacrosse is excited to announce the fall events schedule for LXM PRO, recruiting programs, leagues, and camps. Based out of San Diego and founded in 2001, Adrenaline is devoted to advancing the game of lacrosse through cutting edge apparel, mission-based events, and a socially conscious mindset. Adrenaline offers one-of-a-kind recruiting events and tournament series all over the nation.   

Adrenaline LXM PRO

LXMATS is a revolutionary and unmatched lacrosse experience combining the highest level of competitive lacrosse tournament (Adrenaline Tournament Series) with a top level professional lacrosse game (LXM PRO). Hosted at the country’s top tournament venues, elite level youth through high school teams compete during the day while enjoying the unique environmental factors that are quintessentially Adrenaline. LXM PRO players host personal clinics and high powered demonstrations for attending players throughout the day. The Notre Dame coaching staff educates with high level coaching clinics for team coaches and organizers. The culmination of the event is the LXM PRO game where lacrosse’s top players compete in an intimate setting to create a memorable, up close and personal experience for excited fans. Find out more about LXM PRO here. ( Reserve your team’s spot today before the event fills up! Email Rory Doucette at to sign up!


LXM PRO & ATS Schedule:

LXM|ATS Orem                   September 27th-28th

LXM|ATS Sacramento           October 5th-6th

LXM|ATS Atlanta                 October 26th-27th

LXM|ATS Dallas                  November 9th-10th

LXM|ATS Tucson                 November 23rd-24th

LXM|ATS Las Vegas             December 7th-8th

LXM|ATS Cocoa                  December 14th-15th

LXM|ATS Los Angeles          January 18th-19th


Recruiting: Adrenaline Challenge

The Adrenaline Challenge has been a vital team recruiting program on the Adrenaline calendar since 2002.  Last year's event saw 120 teams west of the Mississippi compete in front of 95 NCAA recruiters.  Teams play 5 guaranteed games with the possibility of 7 games over a 2 day period to compete for the western club championship. Teams competing in this tournament include the very best the West has offer. For more information about the Adrenaline Challenge click here. ( Sign up today before it’s full, email Rory Doucette at!


Adrenaline Challenge Schedule:

Del Mar, CA               January 3rd-5th


Recruiting: High Rollers

The Adrenaline High Rollers events are a series of selective, invite-only fall & winter individual recruitment tournaments attended by the top 15% of players from each region.  Players are selected by the AET from personal evaluations at previous events or based on a review of a trusted coach’s recommendation.  This event also has a middle school division.  Players are placed on teams and go through a myriad of valuable high level clinics and seminars by NCAA coaches while competing in a series of top level games. Our main goal with our recruiting programs is to provide a platform where players can showcase their talents in front of the right college coaches. College placement success rate or CPSR is a way for us to measure the success of our recruiting events. Each of our top recruiting events has received a CPSR and the numbers continue to increase. Last year's High Rollers event reached a CPSR of 75%. Learn more about High Rollers here. (


High Rollers Schedule:

High Rollers:   So Cal             November 16th-17th


Adrenaline Box League

The Adrenaline Box League is carefully designed to teach and practice the authentic Box game in order to enhance a players shooting, ball handling and mastery of tight space concepts including the 2 man game. We firmly believe in the value in developing players in a skills specific manner through box style of play. The Adrenaline Box League, the largest of its kind, consists of multi-team, competitive leagues throughout the West. LXM and NLL Box professionals teach the proper intricacies of the game while framing it in a manner that is applicable to a player’s outdoor game enhancement. For more details about the Adrenaline Box League click here. (


Adrenaline Box League (ABL) Schedule:

San Diego                                         August 24th-October 12th

Los Angeles                                       August 25th-October 13th

Orange County                                   September 1st-October 13th

Austin (Lakeline and South Austin)         September 15th-November 3rd



(Level 1) The introduction to lacrosse should be a fun and affordable one.  TRYLAX is a program for first timers that allows a high quality, safe and organized introduction to the sport for a low price tag.  Four, once a week, 2-hour sessions includes a starter stick which keeps the initial investment low for families.  Trained Adrenaline coaches guide players and parents through a specific progression of the fundamentals of the game.  Players build the confidence needed to progress to the next level of training by learning the basic skills of the game. Find out more about TRYLAX here. (


TRYLAX Schedule:

San Diego (North County/South County) September 22nd-October 20th

Los Angeles                September 22nd-October 20th

Orange County            September 22nd-October 20th

Austin                       September 22nd-October 20th

Houston                    September 22nd-October 20th

San Antonio               September 22nd-October 20th



Training: Skills

(Level 2) Skills Training Program is designed specifically to create a small group learning atmosphere where a player can effectively hone and advance their lacrosse skill set while gaining a tremendous feeling of confidence.  A one day a week, 6 week program has a 10:1 coach to player ratio providing a high level of personal attention from a meticulously trained Adrenaline coaches.  Groups are constructed according to age and experience and employ a multi-dimensional skills based curriculum designed from the input of NCAA coaches, LXM PRO's, and physical trainers. For more details about Skills click here. (


Skills Schedule:

Los Angeles                November 3rd-December 22nd

Orange County            November 3rd-December 22nd

Austin                       November 3rd-December 22nd

San Antonio                November 3rd-December 22nd

Houston                     November 3rd-December 22nd


Full Adrenaline Fall Event Schedule:

Box League:  San Diego                   August 24th-October 12th

Box League:  Los Angeles                 August 25th-October 13th

Box League:  Orange County             September 1st-October 13th

Box League:  Austin                        September 15th-November 3rd

TRYLAX:  Los Angeles                      September 22nd-October 20th

TRYLAX:  Orange County                  September 22nd-October 20th

TRYLAX:  Austin                             September 22nd-October 20th

TRYLAX:  Houston                          September 22nd-October 20th

TRYLAX:  San Antonio                     September 22nd-October 20th

Starz Tryouts:  Utah                        September 26th

LXM|ATS:  Utah                             September 27th-28th

LXM|ATS:  Sacramento                    October 5th-6th

LXM|ATS:   Atlanta                         October 26th-27th

Skills:  Los Angeles                         November 3rd-December 22nd

Skills:  Orange County                     November 3rd-December 22nd

Skills:  Austin                                November 3rd-December 22nd

Skills:  San Antonio                        November 3rd-December 22nd

Skills:  Houston                             November 3rd-December 22nd

High Rollers:  So Cal                       November 16th-17th

LXM|ATS:  Dallas                           November 9th-10th

LXM|ATS:  Tucson                          November 23rd-24th

LXM|ATS:  Las Vega                       December 7th-8th

LXM|ATS:  Florida                          December 14th-15th

The Challenge:  Del Mar, CA             January 3rd-5th

LXM|ATS:  Los Angeles                   January 18th-19th


About Adrenaline

Adrenaline is one of the most unique companies in all of sports due to its multi-faceted and authentic nature.  Through cutting edge team, performance, and lifestyle apparel, Adrenaline represents the true core of lacrosse.  Adrenaline dedicates much of its efforts towards enacting a positive social change by utilizing the power of sports in the Adrenaline Awareness program. Adrenaline also owns the LXM PRO tour and executes the top events programs in lacrosse with Training Programs, Recruiting Programs, Starz Clubs, Tournaments, Camps and Leagues.  The Adrenaline Recruiting System features the #1 recruitment program in the nation, The Adrenaline Blackcard, and boasts the nation’s top Collegiate Placement Success Rate (CPSR).  Adrenaline Starz is the largest Club network in the sport including the nationally top ranked Adrenaline West Coast Starz Teams.  Adrenaline truly is All Fight No Flight.  Visit our website at or contact us at  


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