Adrln High Rollers: SoCal, Top Players Who Impressed


As Adrenaline High Rollers enters its 8th year, this weekend saw an impressive lineup of talent and a sideline of over 65 NCAA college recruiters. Hosted at the beautiful venue of Orange Coast College, this facility has three perfectly manicured fields, including one stadium, that are easy to manuever from one to another for  recruiters and families alike. While the event had some fiercely competitive battles all day long and saw some very solid talent across the board, here are some players who impressed:

Jake Griffin (2015/Goalie): Griffin was impressive and steady all day, finsihing off Day 1 in the All Star game with 8 saves.

Spencer Small (2016/Midfield): Small opened up the day with a 5-goal effort and continued to make plays all day. The shifty midfielder has a great change of direction and shoots well coming out of his roll dodge.

Cole Wolfson (2015/Attack): Wolfson was one of the most impressive players in the All Star game with several points and played with a level of confidence we haven’t seen from him before. He had several strong takes and made  good decisions with the ball.

Ryan Klose (2016/Attack): Klose can dodge, feed, and use his frame to lean on guys and then get separation. He plays with tremendous control and poise.

Colton Michel (2015/Attack): Michel showed good speed and toughness. He moves well without the ball and seemed to be in the right place at the right time all day long.

Broderick Vitalie & Jason Simaan (FOGOs): Vitale and Simaan are FOGO’s that were literally dominant on the day and helped their teams to countless possessions.

Sammy Edwards (2015/ Midfield): Despite battling a cold, Edwards started off the All Star game with a great goal down the alley, firing a shot into the opposite corner and then moments later threading a nice skip to the back pipe for an assist. When Edwards can get his hands free he is one of the best shooters in the country.

Owen Peterson (2016/LSM): Peterson is a fast, quick, pesky, relentless defender who is great off the ground. He showed tremendous stamina and ability to steal the ball and take it down the field. Peterson is agreesive, physical, and precise with his checks.

Players will get another chance to showcase their skills in front of over 65+ recruiters. Check out a full list of attending recruiters here.

Some Day 1 Pictures:

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