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- Portland Tribune: Written by Stephen Alexander

Baum Makes Name for Portland Lacrosse

Former Lincoln High lacrosse star Peter Baum has taken Major League Lacrosse by storm.

The Ohio Machine’s No. 1 draft pick out of Colgate has 19 goals and 4 assists in seven games. That was good enough to earn the rookie midfielder a spot in the MLL All-Star game.

“It’s pretty surreal, coming from Portland, which isn’t a big lacrosse area,” Baum says.

Professional lacrosse is not quite as glamorous as other professional leagues. Baum lives in San Diego, Calif., where he works as the event sales director for Adrenaline, a major lacrosse company. Baum punches the clock at a 9-to-5 job, the Machine puts him on a plane as needed, and he jets off to wherever Ohio is playing that weekend.

“You fly out the day before the game, practice, practice again the day of the game, have walk-throughs, meetings, play the game, and then fly out the next day,” Baum says. “It’s hectic. But it’s fun. It’s a lot of travel.”

Baum, a 6-1, 185-pound midfielder, is not alone in working for a company away from his team during the week.

“The majority of guys who play in the MLL work for lacrosse companies,” Baum says. “The upside of that is that whoever you work for is going to be more tolerant when you have to leave on the weekends for games. It’s in their interest for me to do well in the league.”

Baum’s father, Richard, also played lacrosse at Colgate. Peter Baum picked up the game when he was in sixth grade and took to it quickly.

“My dad is from Long Island (N.Y.) and played at Colgate, so he got me into it,” Peter Baum says. “It took a lot to get good. A lot of it is stuff you’re doing when no one is watching, when you’re not at practice, you’re on your own shooting and playing wall ball and lifting weights and running.”

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