MLL Debuts New Adrenaline Strife Technical Shooter

By: Alex Cade


Adrenaline has historically been the core lifestyle brand of lacrosse.  Our supporters, athletes and brand enthusiasts have been cultishly involved in the development of our brand.  By its very nature our company and brand is extremely close to the flame that is lacrosse.  This immersion in the sport we love allows us to listen and understand the unique voice of its participants.  They spoke to us loudly and clearly when they said they wanted more Adrenaline on field performance pieces.  Our development team along with our athletes answered the call with the Strife technical series.  The first two items in this technical series are the Strife Technical Sock and the Strife 2.0 Technical shooter.  I know first-hand that the testing and the development that went into both of these items were extensive, well thought out, and specifically geared toward lacrosse athletes.  With the Strife Technical shirt you will find a piece whose comfortable feel and fit are synonymous with what Adrenaline has been historically known for.  A specially milled custom Adrenaline performance fabric was crafted that has a super light soft cotton feel with the absolute top end of performance characteristics baked in.  This makes for an extremely breathable, incredibly flexible and quick drying piece that also embodies both comfort and style making it a great off field item as well.  We are extremely excited to see this item on the top players in the game at the MLL level.

-Alex Cade, CEO Adrenaline Lacrosse

“The development that went into this piece was thorough and inclusive for us as pros as well as some tremendous input from younger athletes.  The product that came out the other side of that process is one that I can proudly say is the best performance shooter I have ever put on.  I have no doubts that the guys on the Machine and the rest of the league will not want to wear anything else after they put the Strife shooter on.”

-Peter Baum, Adrenaline Pro Athlete, Ohio Machine

MLL Licensed, Raglan Accent Team Colors, Corporate

Our new Strife 2.0 Technical Shooter was developed and tested by our Adrenaline Athlete team who put it through a rigorous yearlong beatdown.   This sublimation ready shooter is constructed from super soft Adrenaline VendettaC2 technical poly fabric.  With an industry standout ultra-light cotton feel this fabric is designed for moisture and heat management.  The VendettaC2 fabric also has a tremendous amount of flex including flexible raglan style double lock stitch allowing for 100% mobility.  The thin soft cotton feel and finished look give it the uniquely Adrenaline ability to perfectly transition to on off field item.  Semi-Loose cut for an athletic fit.

BENEFITS:  Technical performance features for heat and moisture management with a finished look and extremely comfortable cotton feel.  Sublimation ready and perfect for team embellishments.

  • CUT: Adrenaline semi-loose fit. 
    • Adrenaline VendettaC2 technical poly controls moisture and manages heat while maintaining a ultra-soft cotton feel
    • Flexible raglan accent color stitching allows for 100% athletic movement
    • High quality finish with a thin cotton look and feel allow for easy team embellishment and sublimation
    • EXTRAS:
      • Tagless for zero friction
      • Subtle branding allows for ease of team embellishment


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