The Adrenaline Advantage: Benefits of Joining the Adrenaline Starz System

By: Adrenaline



Adrenaline Starz is the largest organized club lacrosse network in the nation with 12,000+ players enjoying the vast benefits of the Adrenaline Starz system. The Adrenaline corporate office offers various levels of service to accommodate and enhance the unique nature of any club program. Newly signed programs are welcomed with immediate basic level services that utilize the full-service Operational, Branding, Design, Programming, and Marketing mechanism that only Adrenaline has established.  Each individual Starz benefit derives from one of three overarching Adrenaline Starz Mantras- operations, access, and exposure. The commitment to the execution on all of these aspects will guarantee the success of any affiliated team.


  • Operations: Adrenaline Starz ensures all administrative responsibilities and information-based tasks are addressed by an expert and our built out service Adrenaline service department


  • Access: Our team provides access to the sport’s top creative team with marketing & branding, cutting edge top-level training, the nationally recognized team process known as the Adrenaline Treatment, top tournaments in the nation, Adrenaline professional athletes and LXM PROS, and mostly importantly, access through the Adrenaline Evaluation Team (AET) to the famed Adrenaline Recruitment system. This system is known nationally as the number one recruitment system in the game with game changing statistics and success stories.


  • Exposure: Unmatched club team and individual player national exposure comes from utilizing our industry leading well-established relationships with national lacrosse media outlets, our Adrenaline hired PR agency, the Adrenaline Blogosphere, as well as our own far reaching social media platforms. 

*These three categories include basic and premium level benefits that perpetuate the ever-growing success of the Adrenaline Starz System.




Basic level services include full customer service support, Adrenaline web presence and team page management, social media promotion, enhanced program branding in conjunction with Adrenaline Starz, accounting & budget assistance, tournament registration & roster submission (for Adrenaline events only), and the Adrenaline Treatment, to name a few.


Club directors have the ability to customize and upgrade their benefits package to satisfy the specific needs of their club program. If coaches choose to upgrade to premium level services, they will enjoy full extensive access to the Adrenaline coach’s network, professional athletes, a more intensive Adrenaline Marketing department for in depth assistance in creating marketing plans to target growth in their respective area, and much more.



A club program that wishes to be apart of the Starz network must fill out an application for review by the Starz Regional Directors Advisory Board. Programs must exemplify high moral fiber, a mission based nature, a dedication to top flight coaching, and the support of the local community or region in order to be accepted into the Adrenaline Starz Family. Once a team is accepted, they can customize their own benefits package with all the services listed below (* items included in basic level services):



Our operations team not only allows club directors to take the backseat on tedious administrative tasks such as website management and team registration, but our team also provides parents with a place to find up-to-date information pertaining to their child’s team, in addition to full customer service support to answer any questions.


CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT: Attentive and friendly Customer Service Dept.*

                - ATTENTIVE: Available 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, a cordial customer service dept. will answer all questions*

                - COMMUNICATIVE: Adrenaline Starz strives  to service our customers in a timely manner and as efficiently as possible. Our company policy is that all means of communication are to be addressed within a 24 hour time frame.

                                  - We offer our customers several means of communication:

                                                                    - Live Adrenaline online chat service

                                                                    - Adrenaline customer service phone line (888-768-8479) and Starz customer service phone line (1-888-768-8479 ext. 1511)

                                                                    - Info email address: and

               - INFORMATION EMAILS: The Operations and Marketing teams also together to create and send timely professional level emails that keep parents and coaches informed with each Adrenaline event

INFORMATIONAL WEB HUB: Content rich website with updates, rosters, rankings, and live scoring (per Adrenaline event)*

               - WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: Our Operations team constantly updates the Adrenaline website to ensure the public is armed with all necessary information. This includes updates and management of specific team pages, including information regarding tryouts, clinics, Adrenaline Treatment, etc.

               - REGISTRATION: User-friendly dynamic online system to accommodate teams or individuals. Players ONLY have to register for their respective Starz team. Unlike non-Starz teams, our operations team takes care of all Starz team & player registration for Adrenaline Tournaments*

TRAVEL SUPPORT: Operational support on travel booking and logistics

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Adrenaline Starz offers a variety of financial services to club directors and coaches, as well as to Starz players and their families. Financial services include:

                - Accounting & Budget assistance*

                - COLLECTIONS: Past due payment calls made from Adrenaline HQ

                - Registration & fee collection done through Starz website*

                - Automatic recurring payment plan available for players* 

                - Weekly revenue transfers sent directly to coaches for registration/income

                - Starz Foundation offers assistance/ scholarships to players in financial trouble*

INSURANCE SERVICES: Adrenaline provides assistance to Starz Affiliates in acquiring insurances polices for fields and player waivers for the season.

                - FIELD INSURANCE: Upon request, our team will coordinate insurance certificates when securing fields* 

                - PLAYERS WAIVERS: Starz/Adrenaline provides an automated registration system for Starz players.? This streamlined system allows players to complete one waiver that applies to the entire season for all Starz/Adrenaline facilities upon completing team registration



Adrenaline Starz Affiliates have the inside track to advantages of the Adrenaline System that are deeply rooted in long established relationships with the best NCAA lacrosse programs in the nation by way of the Adrenaline Evaluation Team (AET). Programs are able to build their personal brand by utilizing the Adrenaline Marketing & Design team, participating in the best tournaments in the nation, and interact with Adrenaline professional athletes and LXM PROS. 


PROVEN RECRUITMENT SYSTEM: The top statistically proven path to college placement for multiple levels of play*

                - ADRENALINE EVALUTION TEAM (AET): On site selection of players for exclusive invites to the highly regarded Adrenaline Recruiting Events. The ART is a built in recruitment advocate team

               -  ADRENALINE RECRUITING EVENT PLAYER NOMINATIONS: The AET honors player nominations for recruiting events from all Starz coaches*

                - RECRUITMENT NETWORK: Benefit from an extensive relationship based recruitment network with NCAA programs at each level (300 + coaches)

WEST COAST STARZ ELIGIBILITY: West Coast Starz is the top western club program in the nation and is the only western club with NSCLA Membership. Starz Players are the ONLY players who can qualify to play on a WCS Sectional or WCS-NSCLA team

ADRENALINE TREATMENT UNIFORMS: Adrenaline Treatment uniform designs crafted by the Adrenaline Art Department and exclusive discounts*

                - Teams can get premium access to Team Sales department for further discounted equipment, apparel, and uniform ordering

ADRLN MARKETING DEPT.: Full activation from an industry leading 15 person Design & Marketing team

               -  Custom Team Tryout Flyers*

                - Marketing Materials

                - Email Blasts

                - Custom marketing plan to target growth in your area

ADRENALINE TOURNAMENT PRIORITY ACCESS: Starz programs receive priority to top Adrenaline events including LXM|ATS, festivals, and invites to various team recruiting events Teams can choose which LXM|ATS events they would like to attend and they are automatically granted a spot

                - TOP LEVEL COMPETITION: Highest level of play against the top teams and players in the country

                - SCHEDULING: Accommodating and thorough scheduling that meets the unique needs of teams, players and coaches

               - SPONSORS: Value passed to teams from the top sponsors in sports

ADRENALINE TOURNAMENT DISCOUNTS: Adrenaline deposit and team fee waived for Adrenaline High School Team Recruitment events- Adrenaline Challenge, Adrenaline Shootout*

ADRENALINE SHOPPING DISCOUNTS: Members only online shopping discounts on ADRLN.COM*

NEWSLETTER: Interest specific monthly newsletter that keeps players, parents and coaches informed on what is meaningful to them*

                - Topics include: recruiting tips, training tips, coaches’ spotlights, player spotlights, team spotlights, upcoming Starz events, Starz commitment updates, apparel discounts and more!

STARZ NEWS BLOG: Weekly Starz blogs hosted on the ADRLN site*

LXM PRO CLINICS: Appearances, hangouts, autograph sessions, and up close clinics from LXMPRO players at Adrenaline events or per request (additional cost)*

NCAA LEVEL DRILLS: Armed with information designed by NCAA coaches to push the highest level of training and practice*

RECRUITING GUIDANCE: Expert recruitment talks and Q & A held by NCAA coaches at Adrenaline events*

               - Access to Recruiting Network of 100+ college coaches 

               - In house Recruiting Director provides crucial recruiting tips

EXPERT COACHING: Adrenaline Starz coaches include former NCAA, LXM or NLL players with the highest levels of game knowledge and have been trained specifically as coaches, as well as veteran coaches who are dedicated to the development and growth of western lacrosse*

COACHES TRAINING: In-house Training Director provides multi-dimensional coaching tips and practice planning, including the state of the art AdrenaFit warm-up and training information*



Adrenaline aims to enhance each Starz team’s brand by bringing each program to the forefront of the national lacrosse movement. Every affiliate program enjoys the benefits of partnering with the top marketing and creative network in the game. Adrenaline guarantees maximum exposure for a club and its players through national media exposure, a retained PR agency, an extensive recruiting network, and thorough marketing plans with constant social media promotion provided by the Adrenaline Marketing team.


MARKETING SUPPORT: Our fifteen person Marketing & Design team ensure Adrenaline Starz programs receive maximum exposure for their teams and brand.

                - NATIONAL MEDIA EXPOSURE: Players and Clubs placed in the national spotlight with mainstream media and social media platforms (ADRLN Social Network, Inside Lacrosse, Lax Playground, Lax All Stars, The Lacrosse Network)

                - SECONDARY MEDIA OUTLETS: Regional and local informational websites*

                - SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS: Exposure through ADRLN social media channels including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram aggregate 87,000 followers and counting; Starz Lacrosse social media channels including Facebook reach 4,300 followers and counting, and LXM PRO social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram collectively amount to 35,600 + followers *

                - PR FIRM: Professional PR firm activates on a local and national media level

                - ORGANIZED MARKETING PLAN: Club programs at Adrenaline events will receive the benefit of an organized and robust marketing plan*

                - PLAYER EXPOSURE: Players receive exposure through the Adrenaline media and social media networks*. Top players also receive notoriety in national media outlets including top player rankings and lists. Players invited to recruiting events receive top level exposure to collegiate programs of all levels. Adrenaline recruiting events average 65+ recruiters in attendance

                - BRAND BUILDING & EXPOSURE: Adrenaline Starz will incorporate your team branding into website pages, teams attending on tournament pages, uniforms, blog posts, and all marketing materials.

                                   -Club programs have the ability to enhance their team logo through the Adrenaline Design team*


The 2013 Adrenaline Company Wide Statistics prove the Adrenaline Starz program is the best club network in the country. With countless players achieving their goal of collegiate level play, the Adrenaline Starz program continues to uphold the highest level of operational support, access, and exposure for all Starz programs. If your club program is not a part of the Adrenaline Starz Family and would like to join, please email us at Adrenaline Starz is the antidote for average. All Fight, No Flight.


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