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2014 Adrenaline Challenge (Elite / High School)

Del Mar, CA January 03-05, 2014



All parking for this event is strictly “on-site.”  Meaning….all attendees for this event must park in our approved parking areas on the Polo Grounds ONLY!!!!!

Parking for this event is $10 per day or $25 for 3 days per vehicle.  

Directions to Parking from the 5 FREEWAY

Travel east on Via de la Valle (Del Mar) for approximately two miles…….follow the signs.  As you drive along Via de la Valle you will pass El Camino Real and actually drive past the fields (now on your right) to access the entrance to the parking lots located through the Polo Club’s back gate.  Just follow the signs and you should be fine.  The El Camino Real gate is an EXIT only!!!!

Special Note: Events at this facility can only take place with the special permission of the City of San Diego and we are required to enforce their rules.  Parking on area streets and local businesses will not be tolerated and any violators will be towed.  As a condition of holding this event we will be closely monitoring the local streets and businesses as we take this matter very seriously.  Thank you for understanding.

Dropoffs: If you only need to Drop-Off players for the event, please do so by following all of the directions for parking.  We have a designated area for Drop-Offs (within the Facility) and if you’re only dropping-off you will not be charged for parking.


Handicap Parking:  Handicap parking with be available with valid CA handicap tags.