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Passion is the key that unlocks adrenaline

Adrenaline is a gift we've all been given. All you have to do is unwrap it. Inside all of us is an endless supply of Adrenaline just waiting to be tapped.

Adrenaline's Lacrosse Division is composed of a high-quality well rounded range of programs that have been meticulously designed by the game's top minds over the last 13 years. Our programs are based on the Adrenaline Cyclical Development model, which allows players to progress in an organized manner through a powerful lacrosse system. This complete system, unique to Adrenaline, allows a lifelong Adrenaline player relationship; from introduction in TRYLAX, to mastery and practice through our TRAINING PROGRAMS and LEAGUES & TOURNAMENTS, into a successful entry into the NCAA or MCLA collegiate ranks through our STARZ and RECRUITING PROGRAMS. The cycle is made complete as professional LXM player and/or a qualified coach. Only by guiding players from the minute they try the sport through the end of their careers can Adrenaline be a consistent positive force not only for individual players, but the sport as a whole.

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/ 10.23.14
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/ 10.22.14
adrenalinelax: RT @WestCoastStarz: WCS alum @NDlacrosse defenseman @justglaze flexes his muscle v Team USA @ Seatown classic. #RC #chirp @adrenalinelax ht…
/ 10.20.14

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