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About Adrenaline Leagues

The Adrenaline Leagues are meant to enhance a local lacrosse community by offering a wide array of services as dictated by the needs of an area and its programs. These range from full service team organizational operations, to providing an organized, sponsor supported and high quality league platform for established programs to compete in. Various levels of competition ensure that beginners have a proper environment to develop while advanced players can test their metal against the top players in an area. The meticulous programming is born from the collaboration between Adrenaline Professional Coaches and our Leagues Program Director Carey Dawidzik. Beyond being a highly qualified manager and administrator Carey is also a long time lacrosse mom who can sees things from a parent’s perspective. This program development dream team ensures that while the kids are immersed in the quintessential Adrenaline experience the parents can relax and enjoy watching their kids flourish.

Director: Carey Dawidzik

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