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Passion is the key that unlocks adrenaline

Adrenaline Starz is the largest high quality club lacrosse program in the nation, providing players with the necessary resources to perfect their fundamental skills, improve their understanding of team concepts, and guide them through legitimate collegiate recruitment. The Adrenaline Starz system is designed to be a powerful tool, constantly adding value and effectiveness to independent area club operators and their players. Starz players and coaches enjoy the benefits of being plugged into the most trusted and established recruitment system in the nation, which houses the prestigious #1 event in the country, Adrenaline Black Card . By extension, Starz players are the only players that qualify for the #1 club program in the nation, the highly touted West Coast Starz. WCS maintains a Collegiate Placement Success Rate (CPSR) of over 95%, with WCS National teams at an all time high of 99% CPSR.  Adrenaline Corporate, Starz Club Directors, and Starz coaches are mission driven and fully dedicated to serving the best interests of the Adrenaline Starz players. Adrenaline Starz is comprised of a team of advocates that ensure each Starz player the opportunity to attend a school that best suites them. An ever-growing list of Adrenaline Starz commitments can be found on the Adrenaline blog. The specifically designed progression of the Adrenaline Starz system begins at the Local Starz level, proceeds to the Regional Starz level, followed by West Coast Starz Sectional, and culminates with the #1 nationally ranked West Coast Starz National program.


The Adrenaline corporate office is set up to offer various levels of service to accommodate the unique nature of any independent club program. Our Adrenaline Advantage benefits system is built on three overarching Adrenaline Starz Mantras - Operations, Access, and Exposure. The commitment to the execution of each of these aspects will guarantee the success of any affiliated program. Club directors can choose from various benefit levels that utilize the full-service Operational, Branding, Design, Programming, and Marketing mechanism that only Adrenaline has established. 

Club programs wishing to be a part of the Starz network must fill out an application to be reviewed by the Starz Regional Directors Advisory Board. To be approved, programs must exemplify high moral fiber, a mission based nature, a dedication to top flight coaching and the support of the local community or region. Email us at for more information.

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