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Adrenaline Carlson Mesh Top Sock

  • $9.99

The Adrenaline Apparel Carlson Socks was the first sock created by Adrenaline over a decade ago. Just as they were the day they were released, this is the #1 selling lacrosse sock on the market. Available in over 15 colors, find the perfect pair for you today.


It is our firm belief that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance.  This highly versatile sock has defined the transition from the field to casual wear.  The Dry Model is the original “Adrenalines” and to this day still one of the most comfortable, top performing socks in the game.  This incredibly soft sock features AdrenaSoft fabric for that unmatched Adrenaline feel.  The AdrenaMesh upper keeps the foot dry during athletic competition.  It includes a quality construction with reinforced heel and toe.  Yes if you wear them every day all day they will wear out….and we will likely send you new ones if you bitch about it.


BENEFITS: No need to sacrifice comfort for performance with this versatile field and casual sock.  Minimalist but effective technology.

  • CUT: Mid-Calf cut with a comfort reinforced toe and heel design allows for smooth slip on and fit stability.  We believe you should save the fight for the field and not when you put your sock on.
    • AdrenaSoft poly base for that quintessential Adrenaline comfort.
    • AdrenaMesh breathable upper keeps the foot dry during athletic competition.
    • Reinforced heel and toe for comfort and durability


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