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The Adrenaline Treatment is a combination of groundbreaking Adrenaline Team Line Items, world class design collaboration, and an organized marketing campaign.  The program has various levels with our A1 program teams receiving the full Adrenaline Treatment.  This full treatment includes head to toe fully custom Adrenaline Team Products and a robust marketing push achieving a maximum reach for the A1 partner program. 

To receive the Adrenaline Treatment for your team please fill out the application below.

How It Works

  1. Step 1 Apply

    Fill out all the fields in the application form below and submit. The Adrenaline design team will use this information to choose from the pool of applicants the team or program they want to give the "treatment" to.

  2. Step 2 Selection

    The Adrenaline sales and design team will evaluate the applicants and select the application for the next team to receive the Adrenaline treatment.

  3. Step 3 Consultation

    Once selected, the program will experience the effect of an innovative collaboration with professional players and authentic designers.

  4. Step 4 Product Design

    The Adrenaline design team will mobilize to come up with a truly one of a kind piece that meets your expectations and will be the envy of the industry.

  5. Step 5 Document

    From start to finish, Feel It Productions will document this timeline to be on an episode of "The Adrenaline Treatment" which is a new video series being launched this coming summer.

  6. Step 6 Mkt. Campaign

    Additional marketing exposure will be included as the Adrenaline team promotes the design work they have created for your team. This promotion will happen at the national level.

Marketing Assets

In order to help get eyes on your program, The Treatment includes marketing components that you won't get with any other team sale. We'll hook you up with press releases, exposure in Inside Lacrosse, social media support and marketing videos that will help put over 200,000 eyes on your team or program

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Application Form

Fill out and submit this form to enter into the pool of applicants eligible for "The Treatment". Application forms are also available at any Adrenaline Lacrosse location.

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